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Why the Boron Called the Technology of the Future was Limited to Detergent Production?

Boron was seen as the most suitable substance to be used to safely store hydrogen which will be used in hydrogenated vehicles, which are seen as vehicles of the future. Therefore consistently that Turkey is very rich in boron and boron mine of the future it is the fuel was voiced repeatedly.

So why didn’t the boron become the fuel of the future?

According to the news at the time, all automobile companies should be bringing out the concepts of hydrogen fuel car. But today, almost no car company is interested in hydrogen-fueled cars. Instead, electric cars seem to shape the future of the automotive industry.

73% of the world’s boron reserves as mentioned at the beginning of the article is in Turkey. So in terms of boron ‘rich’ can be considered as one country, Turkey. Therefore, no European, American or Asian automotive company has developed a car they would need. Why would they develop the car they couldn’t produce?

If the boron mine in our territory was in Germany, Japan or the US, today we could see that Toyota, Ford or Mercedes have developed a car that uses hydrogen-fueled boring. However, this mine only has a strategic importance for Turkey. Therefore, it is not seen as a profitable investment for these companies.

What exactly does the boron mineral do?

One of the most important features of boron is that it makes the hydrogen production process very easy. In other words, it allows the generation of electricity with hydrogen without the need for a hydrogen tank. We’re not taking advantage of Boron’s capabilities? Because we can’t process pipes. We even import NaBH4 used in experimental studies on boron.

So is the boron still useless?

Bor is currently widely used, especially in the detergent industry. But if the salt means what it means for the industry, we can say that the same means for the industry. Boron is used as a useful mineral in the production of glass, fertilizer, detergent, metal, armor and brick. The problem is that the pipe is not the main component in any of these sectors.

You can watch the video of the Webtekno YouTube channel visiting boron mineral deposits in Bigadic, Balıkesir.

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