Social Media Sites Remaining in the Past from to Yonja

Social media or friend discovery sites no longer think of anything outside of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today’s young people have already met on the internet in the middle of these sites, but there are times when it is le very strange internet to find friends through social media sites. The generations trying to socialize with dial-up connection in these periods are now experiencing the comfort of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they are well aware of what they suffered and what they were exposed to.

There have resounded time in Turkey and in the world, social media and dating sites who died or vegetable life now …


Years ago it was the only platform where young people could meet and socialize. Today, there are 90s children who remember the first virtual friendships that were founded, and maybe Yonja, who continues to live despite everything, can be a nostalgic surprise for them. Both the originating in Turkey does not have a profile with Internet under the hand of everyone was very attracted young people’s attention. Decorating the profile and the list of ilgi My Crush ”was one of Yonja’s most interesting points.



If you think that your age is a little big for Yonja at the time, your path probably goes from 80630. In the forum / dictionary / social networking complex 80630, which also worked as a Tinder of the times, when two opposed people added each other to the ası Crushed / list, a heart came out. 80630 meeting point of the mekan serious bul socials, who did not like Yonja and who thought that the environment was too childish and slack, was harassed with the records of the members that he accepted by invitation. Do you remember the days when you were looking for an invitation? All right, those days are past. Because 80630 is still alive like Yonja and no more invitations. You can even connect with Facebook.


Friendster never actually also one of the most popular non-famous frustration in Turkey. 80630 Yonja and the wind blowing in Turkey was solved with the virtual world lovey dovey jobs Friendster. Friendster is the ancestor of social media legends such as Myspace and Facebook, which allows friends to be able to communicate with friends sağlayan even though they are one of the most complex sites in the world because of the technical problems they face. Today, Friendster is unfortunately a closed social network.



If we go a little further in history, we immediately come to Myspace, our pre-Facebook pupil. In fact, the purpose of Myspace was to bring together music groups and listeners to discover new music groups. In his own time, he was the king of social media sites. While other social media sites or friend discovery sites provide simple profiles and limited possibilities, Myspace even allows you to talk to Madonna from time to time. Now it’s easy to access music or the musician and discover music. We also have Facebook friends for new friendships and chat. So we don’t need Myspace anymore. The death of Myspace was also from Facebook. The rest of us, our friend Myspace Tom, and the messages on the walls ki thank you for adding im messages im And, of course, a generation that has swallowed up HTML code even if it doesn’t understand the computer Ger


I’m not sure how familiar you are, but there were Orkut before Facebook in various parts of the world. Moreover, the inventor of the platform Orkut Büyükkökten. Google’s social media site has completely lowered its shutters in 2014. The biggest factor that caused this was Google’s highlighting Google +. The place where the Orkut bulma Like etme button first emerged is a network of dating and dating rather than a dating site.

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