LG G8 ThinQ will use OLED screen as speaker

Technology giants LGThe new flagship smartphone that will introduce at the Mobile World Congress G8 ThinQ model, the screen will have a new feature to use as speakers said.

First used on televisions

Crystal Sound OLED or CSO This feature uses the screen as a moving diaphragm to vibrate the entire surface. This is placed under the phone to create a stereo sound effect with special speaker working together acts as a second channel of the screen. As a result sound clarity While it is easy to distinguish and distinguish the sounds, it is stated that the musical notes have become more remarkable.

While CSO technology is new to smartphones, it is launched for the first time last year LG OLED TVs was included. Japanese Giant Sony this technology Acoustic Surface and for a long time. The CSO televizon displays good results because of the large screen size. In smart phones, the surface area be small because of how a quality will offer a curiosity.

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