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Samsung is an important feature to put more on the screen!

Samsung is in the pursuit of great innovations for 2019 and 2020 phone models! Samsung is planning to embed an important feature out of the screen with the exception of fingerprints!

Samsung is an important feature to put more on the screen!

With the iPhone X model, which has become popular since last year and has not adopted the notched screen format that has been used by top manufacturers in almost all manufacturers in the Android system, the Samsung S8, S9 and Note 8 did not include a notch on the screen.

It will not be notched!
Together with the curved AMOLED screens, the company offers a full screen experience to the users, with a small amount of space both under and over the phones, and will continue to experience this endless display in the S10 and S11 models.

The fingerprint reader will come with the Galaxy S10. We shared this information with you in our previous news. Samsung is committed to embedding all the details that hinder the full screen experience on the screen!

Samsung will put the front camera on the screen!

Samsung is an important feature to put more on the screen!

The company plans to put the front camera under the screen, just like the fingerprint reader. Of course, in today’s technology, there are serious differences between the fingerprint reader and the bottom of the camera. In particular, you can take a picture without losing the image of the camera, you can see the screen without losing the image continues to work.

Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 11 models will be released in 2019, and the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 are expected to enter our lives. In 2020, the front camera and sensors on smartphones are expected to be embedded in the screen.

In the coming periods, we can see models that open the front camera in a sled. But as it is claimed in 2020, many features will be embedded in the screen. Let’s see if many brands can integrate into this feature.

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