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Access Pubg Test Server Opened

The PUBG training mode, which was striving to be developed in test servers for about a month, was finally made available to computer players. The new map looks like it will entertain players who want to improve themselves.

Access Pubg Test Server Opened

The training mode, which was previously offered to players in the mobile version of PUBG and activated only from the test servers for the PC version PUBG, was finally activated on the original server. You can access the video, which has been tested and developed by the developers for a period of 1 month, informing other players about the mode via the link below.

For our followers who have never had the opportunity to explore the new training mode, the new PUBG training mode is basically based on the fact that groups of 5 to 20 players wish to do what they want with in-game items and weapons they can easily reach through a 2×2 km training area

Access Pubg Test Server Opened

If you want to ride a car, you can shoot, if you want to specialize on the weapons you like, you can shoot right and left without any fuss. Everything here is for you to warm up your game and develop your basic skills with amusement.
The shooting scene in the new mode awaits players who are determined to shoot better. You can work as you like in a mode with shooting ranges of 3 different ranges, 400 meters, 800 meters and 1000 meters. In addition to the polygons, there are also targets to develop indoor targets, moving targets and bomb shooting skills.

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