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Snapdragon 855 Qualcom new processor

New details are emerging on Qualcomm‘s next-generation processor Snapdragon 855. The company, which confirms some details about the new processor, has a very important statement.

Entry into the market has become more and more anticipated on the part of processor users who are going to make a big noise.

Snapdragon 855 Qualcom new processor

The Snapdragon 855 has a 7 nm production architecture and the giant screen Honor 8X is up and running!
Along with the announcement made by the authorities today, an explanation was given to the rumors circulating around Snapdragon 855. It has officially been approved to pass the expected next-generation processor, which previously had a production architecture of 7 nm. throughout the production process.

Qualcomm’s new processors will produce TSMC as you know. Previously, it was confirmed that the X24 and X50 modems will pass through the 7nm production process. Now announce, the X50 is underlined as being among the first 5G modems to drive the market.

Snapdragon 855 Qualcom new processor

As a next-generation processor, Qualcomm promises more efficient performance for its users, this year battery efficiency will be the front-end. In the first quarter of 2019, we will talk about the name of the processor that will enter the smartphone market.

7 nm processors will have 5G modems
TSMC recently bought 5G modems from MediaTek, which will go on the market in 2019. First, 7nm processors will use MediaTek-made 5G modems. Qualcomm will also need to produce 5G modems from TSMC together with the processors.

Snapdragon 855 Qualcom new processor

Qualcomm and TSMC share a long history. Prior to working with Samsung, Qualcomm had 65 nm processors in 2006, followed by 45 nm and 28 nm processors under the TSMC brand. Will it succeed with Qualcomm’s next-generation

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